Victoria Lake 8-15 Loop from Reeder Ranch

8.2 miles, almost all single track. The first segment is repeated at the end of the ride.

From Rapid City, take Sheridan Lake Road about 9 miles. Turn left into the Reeder Ranch parking area. Park and then ride a couple hundred yards back down the pavement and turn left onto a gated 2-track road. The trail starts on the left side of the 2-track, just past the gate.hunder Road. There are some intersections on this trail so it is best to go with someone who knows the trail. This trail is includes the main “Lollipop Loop” plus a small loop that takes you onto part of the Victoria Lake 15 Mile Loop. This trail is sometimes called the Victoria 8-15 because it includes parts of both the Victoria Lake 8 mile loop and the 15 mile loop.

Victoria Lake 8-15 from Reeder Ranch