Victoria Lake 15 Mile Loop

Loop 15 is a fifteen and a half mile hiking and mountain biking trail. It is 92% single track with only one mile of 4 wheeler trail. It was created by linking cow, deer, and preexisting trails together.

Although it has 3 stout climbs of various lengths, the entire loop sports only 140 ft/mile of climbing making it one of the flatter trails in the Hills. Although the trail is most often ridden in a counterclockwise direction, it was created to be bidirectional and can also be ridden clockwise (ACME).

From Rapid City, take Sheridan Lake Road to mile marker 8. Turn Right onto Victoria Lake Road. You can either park at the start of Victoria Lake Road or drive about 1/2 mile and park in a small pulloff on the right side of the road at the bottom of a draw.

Trail Information (ACME)

Video (Steven Wilke – YouTube)

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